30 Sep 2024 - 28 Mar 2025

JOCUM Almirante Tamandare

Offered in: Portuguese

This course equips students to bring freedom and restoration to those who are in bondage because of addictive behaviors. It explores the causes of severe physical, psychological, spiritual, and social problems that result from addictions. Topics include: a biblical understanding of addiction and recovery; the roots and the soil of addictive behaviors; definitions and criteria for diagnosis; world of addictions; skills in leading support and therapy groups; unhealthy and healthy family systems; healing the wounds of addictions; sexual abuse and other childhood traumas; stages of maturity and their relationship with addictions; working through grief, forgiveness and recovery; the brain and addictions; and the role of the church and community in the healing/recovery process; understanding the role of joy capacity and joy building in recovery of addictive behaviors.

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