17 Jul 2021 - 4 Dec 2021

JOCUM Campo Grande

Offered in: Portuguese

The Training and Discipleship School (DTS) is an intensive training course, a basic requirement for joining the mission and the University of the Nations. Composition of two periods: Theoretical (11 weeks) and Practical (8 weeks). The purpose of the DTS is to encourage students to develop their character through deep intimacy with God, greater knowledge of the Scriptures, and applications directed through tasks, discipleship, and community living. Another important goal is to challenge this student to clarify his vision and understanding of missions, evangelism and discipleship; About YWAM and other ministries; Extending his performance and enabling him to seize opportunities in the influence of the society that surrounds him, in the serious commitment in the transmission of the Gospel. To do so, he is involved in practical evangelism experiences in the most diverse circumstances. Ultimately, this school is proportional to the student or to take hold of the biblical truths for his spiritual growth and for an expansion of the Kingdom; Serving in missions, in the local church and mainly using their gifts, talents and profession.

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