5 Jul 2021 - 27 Aug 2021

YWAM Mazatlan

Offered in: Spanish, English

This program will give a broader, deeper understanding on the current worldviews, their origin, development, and the negative effects that they are having on the world nowadays. It will teach the Biblical worldview, in OT and NT; how God thinks on the world, more specifically, the Seven Spheres of Society; and the importance of the renewing of the mind as Holy Spirit cleans it in the process of sanctification. It will confront the established thought by contrasting Biblical thinking VS worldly thinking and by doing this to expose and uproot lies that have rooted into worldviews. It will teach and inspire through the teachings of servant leaders who are influencers in the spheres where they are involved; their expertise will show the know-how that is handy to those who walk by faith and action. It will enable to create practical strategies where the students will carry out projects to bring influence and transformation of any of the Seven Spheres of Society.

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