6 Sep 2021 - 26 Nov 2021

YWAM Tauranga Projects Team

Offered in: English

The purpose of the School of Jewish Studies is for equipping YWAMers with tools for relevant ministry among the Jewish people both in Israel and around the world. We also have a passion to have God’s heart for all the Peoples of the Middle East and seek to teach YWAMers how to have a “two eyed vision” (His eyes and heart for all peoples in the Middle East). Our aim and passion is to raise up long-term Christian workers to go equipped and energised with a passion to serve long-term in the Middle East. Teaching subjects may include: * Jewish history, culture, religion, & the land of Israel * Relationship between the Church & the Jewish people, Jewish/Gentile issues in the New Testament * Introduction to Hebrew * Jewish Ministry in Israel & the world today * Modern Movement of Messianic Judaism * Middle East and Islamic issues & Isaiah 19 Highway * Evangelism in the Muslim world * Jewish Feasts & Jewish Roots * Messianic Prophecy & Theology * Evangelism to the Jewish World * ANZAC History in Israel and the Middle East * Covenant – Why God’s Heart for Israel & the Jewish people

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