9 Jan 2022 - 25 Jun 2022

YWAM Perth

Offered in: English

As a Missions community, we hear hundreds of stories every year of people’s lives transformed by God, of how nations are changing, and of how communities are evolving and aligning with truth. We hear stories from around the world of miracles, and those stories build our faith and inspire us. But outside of the missions community, those stories don’t always make it beyond our immediate circle of influence. Testimonies, true stories, are powerful when communicated well because of their ability to provide the audience with information that can empower. They empower the reader with knowledge of the larger context of the world they live in, while also giving them a more tangible understanding of what is possible within their own existence. The School of Journalism would be a platform to train and equip writers to be able to find, form, present, and publish the stories of how God is transforming the world through individuals and nations. It would teach journalists how to find stories that would inspire and inform an audience; train writers how to structure a well-written, clear, honest, and engaging piece; educate journalists on how to have their story reach larger audiences and interact with multi-media platforms; and familiarize writers with the process of how to publish their work in the broader literary community. Within this school students would develop an ability to write quality pieces while also encouraging writers to use their gift for the glory of God. The intention is to train, equip, and mobilize journalists who communicate with skill, integrity, creativity, and ingenuity, so as to inform and inspire others with what God is doing in the world.

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