4 Nov 2019 - 16 Nov 2019

LifeReach International

Offered in: English

A Midwife Teacher primarily teaches midwives who serve women and families with normal pregnancies. This could be a midwife who becomes a certified professional or one who works under the supervision of another professional health care provider or health care system supervisor. Students are assisted to master post-basic skills, and then to learn effective teaching skills for educating healthcare providers. This program addresses the goal of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, and morbidity, by increasing the skills of midwife teachers, therefore increasing the capabilities of their student population. This is an excellent entry point for those who wish to become professional midwife teachers, or to teach community midwives because there is no assumption of mastery past basic midwifery training. This course has a field assignment/practicum available with qualified midwife teachers, to give the students guided, reinforced experiential learning.

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