27 Oct 2020 - 21 Nov 2020

JOCUM Pantanal-Cuiabá

Offered in: Portuguese

The TMS – Transcultural Media Seminar is called to use the imagination and thorough of the medias to reveal the character of God to the peoples. This is a seminar created to equip people who are willing to use their communications and filmic talents to reach the peoples, especially the less or unreached tribes of Brazil. The seminar team and the students will use the technology as a teaching tool for a new culture and to present stories and film that reveal the Creator and the values of the word of God, reaching those for Jesus. The TMS has as general objective of putting into action the creativity and the imagination to share the word of God to the people within their communities in their own contexts, leading to them the revelation about Jesus who they do not yet know. The TMS has too general objective of create in the students a spirit of mobilizers in their churches and organizations to cooperate in many aspects within of kingdom of God, such as health, human resources and other basic needs for the development of community. The seminar will take place on base of Ywam Pantanal. This seminar will have a period of five weeks, and four weeks will be the theoretical phase and creating of strategic and one week will be a fieldwork within a unreached community. The seminar is in fulltime, realizing activities in every day of the week and classroom, instructions and other curricular activities. In the weekend the students will be able to minister mobilization seminar on the churches or will be waived for activities personal.

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