2 Aug 2021 - 25 Jan 2022

LifeReach International

Offered in: English

This course is part of a series of programs with the goal of equipping midwives to integrate knowledge and skills to provide a full-scope of midwifery practice. This is a continuation of the CNH 271/272 midwifery school for students who have completed those requirements, or by permission by school leadership. Students may have lectures at a field location as they gain further understanding and insight about the birthing practices and handling complications in the community. Lecture content includes puerperal sepsis, obstructed labor, postpartum hemorrhage and eclampsia. Students will also be involved in clinical experience and research projects. The intent of this program is to help students progress in their knowledge and practical skills with a focus on demonstrating Christ as they fulfill requirements for credentialing and licensure as a professional midwife. This program includes international standards for knowledge and skills competencies that are required by many national and international regulatory boards. The midwifery instructors and clinical preceptors, who verify documentation of knowledge and skills achievements, are health care providers holding professional credentials in their field.

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