2 Jan 2020 - 25 Mar 2020

University of the Nations (Kona Campus)

Offered in: English

The goal of the School of Photography (SOP I) is to inspire and train Christians to use photography as a communications tool for the Kingdom of God. That may be through business or more traditional missions. These schools may be unique in teaching photography from a Christian perspective: not just what we do, not just technique, but how our knowing Christ should make a difference. We seek students who have a passionate, burning desire to go beyond a self-centered, "personal enrichment" or hobby level, who want to use their camera to serve others. The SOP I is very concentrated twelve week course, so students must be highly motivated and teachable. There are two levels of the photography school available in the UofN. They are the School of Photography I and School of Photography II. Both are all digital. The School of Photography I, including color and black+white, is the first level. The School of Photography II, including color and black+white, is the second level. Successful completion of the SOP I is required for the SOP II. About the SOP I internship: After completing the School of Photography I (CMC 241) students gain practical experience through three months of on-the-job training, supervised by a professional photographer, in either a mission or business setting. Scholarships and adjusted tuition for SOP I, II and SOP Internships may be available upon request.

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