17 Sep 2019 - 7 Mar 2020

JuCUM Rosario

Offered in: Spanish, English

Artists in their Maximum Expression (AME) is a second-level arts school focused on the professional development of the artist's technique and character. This course prepares the student in spiritual, practical, and technical aspects of the performing arts. In the AME, students will choose one of the following techniques to train in: dance, music or theater. Each student will train in his or her respective technique, taking classes given by professors of high professional quality. There will be parallel teachings where students will receive classes such as Christian foundations, cultural redemption of the arts, God the artist, and character of the artist. There will also be times for students to process their callings. During this school students will be accompanied by committed discipleship in the word of God. The school is divided into three parts: three months of theoretical and technical training, one month of practical investigation, and two months of production.

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