8 Apr 2019 - 28 Jun 2019

UofN Lonavala Campus, UofN Pune

Offered in: English

STB is a three month course, which includes12 weeks of lecture phase and optional internship. The lecture phase covers: What is Business As Missions, The Biblical Foundation and Historical Foundation of Business as Mission, What is missions, YWAM Values in Business, Entrepreneurship, , Overview of a Business as Mission plan; Vision and Mission Statements and Values; Biblical Perspective of Marketing; Creating with God, Innovation; Sales and Distribution, Risk taking in faith, How to seize the God given opportunity, Leadership in Business; Discipleship in Business (HR), During the lecture phase there are small groups, book reports and a Project-Business With A Mission Plan. Outreach/internship is encouraged as a way to put into practice what one learns in the lecture phase. It will consist of being apart of a Business and practicing difference aspects of the business from being in sales to management to involvement in seeing the financials

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