2 Apr 2019 - 21 Jun 2019

YWAM University of the Nations (Jeju Campus)

Offered in: Korean

In this course students are equipped with tools for continual development of personal Bible study. This course combines dynamic teaching, small group processing, personal study, one on one-s and practical application in order to help students develop a modest vocabulary and basic familiarity with the Scriptures as preparation for more advanced courses. Throughout the course students will grow in their understanding of the nature and character of God, how to live in and contribute to community, the importance of covenants, communicate God's redemptive plan, use the Word in a ministry context, and discover the big picture of Bible. A disciplined learning environment helps prepare the student for a lifetime of Bible study. Through the facilitation of small groups and the creation of community the DBS emphasizes on personal discipleship and godly character. Additionally, the school focuses on a variety of Biblical topics building on the foundation established in the Discipleship Training School. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible. DBS는 열방대학의 기초학교인 DTS(예수제자훈련학교)와 말씀 학교(SBS, BCC)를 기반으로 세워진 학교입니다. DBS는 12주 동안 강의를 통해 성경 66권을 연대기적으로 배우고 소그룹안에서 성경을 읽고 나누며 원독자(성경을 처음 받아 읽은 독자) 해석을 통해 발견된 진리를 삶에 적용하도록 돕는 과정입니다. 이 과정을 통해 하나님을 알게 하고 또 하나님을 알리며, 가장 높은 가치인 말씀을 기준으로 가진 예수 그리스도의 제자를 세우는 제자성경학교입니다.

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