Our mission is to mobilize university students of all nations on every campus worldwide to God’s purposes for their lives in knowing Him and making Him known through their life’s work.

This will be accomplished by:

Gathering students and leaders from university communities through mobilization events;

Service to non-believers through: evangelism, mercy ministries, intercession, and hospitality;

Training and Mentoring believers to have a biblical worldview through: live/learn discipleship schools, modeling Godly character, formal and informal teaching, small group Bible studies, seminars, and conferences;

Mobilizing to Calling through: mission internships and other projects integrating field of study with opportunities to meet global need from a biblical worldview;

Collaboration through: partnerships with and support of university staff, other campus organizations, church leaders and members, and YWAM ministries around the world for the purpose of mobilizing student volunteers serving Christ’s Great Commission.

Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Course [courseprerequisites__c] => DSP211 & 212 [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => STU 235 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4118074 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWFlAAP [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Student Mobilization Centre [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWFkAAP [coursedescription__c] => This twelve-week interdisciplinary course equips university student ministry workers in Youth with a Mission (YWAM) while also serving the broader community of campus ministry workers worldwide. The programme emphasizes the impact of mobilization of students toward their life work and calling. It looks at how this relates to the destiny of the nations where they will live and minister. Participants gain understanding and practical knowledge of university student ministries as a mission strategy in a variety of contexts and cultures with contemporary applications. In addition to historical and biblical studies related to university student ministries, practical instruction for pioneering a campus ministry and for leadership of field ministry internships and similar outreaches are provided. [id] => 3494377 [coursename__c] => School of University Ministries and Missions [sfid] => a1S1i00000777AdEAI [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 12 [coursecreditmin__c] => 11 [coursecreditmax__c] => 12 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSNJMA3 [translations__c] => [] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Course [courseprerequisites__c] => STU 235 [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => STU 236 [phase__c] => Outreach / FA [name] => CT-4118075 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => a0c1600000FFWFkAAP [coursecollegefaculty__c] => Student Mobilization Centre [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWFlAAP [coursedescription__c] => Practical, supervised field assignment to develop campus preaching and teaching skills, campus and field outreach leadership, and/or researching and pioneering a campus ministry as an application of the School of University Ministries. [id] => 3494376 [coursename__c] => School of University Ministries and Missions Practicum [sfid] => a1S1i00000777AeEAI [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 12 [coursecreditmin__c] => 12 [coursecreditmax__c] => 12 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSNJMA3 [translations__c] => [] )
Course Credits Type Number
School of University Ministries and Missions 12 FLW Course STU 235
School of University Ministries and Missions Practicum 12 FLW Course STU 236

The UofN uses two types of credits, FLW (full learning weeks) and LCU (learning component units).

FLW credits are used with traditional residential courses and one of these credits requires a minimum of 50 hours of documented learning activities; these include our normal lectures, small groups, one-on-ones, etc.; and some of these activities are nonformal, in addition to the classroom activities and study assignments.

LCU credits are used for part-time programs like evening courses, intensive seminars, distance learning and other non-residential courses. Each LCU credit requires 25 hours of focused learning activities which can be spread over a period of time.

Centre Director

John Hwang

Contact Details

University of the Nations
PO Box 1526
Ocean City, NJ 08226 USA


International Committee

  • Aldrin Bogi (Bangalore, India)
  • John Henry (Ocean City, NJ, USA)
  • Deonn McDowell (Tyler, Texas, USA)