Global Electronic Network Educating, Serving and Inspiring Students (GENESIS) is an interactive video-conferencing network connecting UofN locations. The purpose of the GENESIS Centre is to make quality training accessible, and to serve the global growth of the UofN.The Centre also researches upcoming communication technologies in order to develop applications for training.

The GENESIS Centre influences the following areas:

A. Networking: creating electronic connections with UofN Colleges, Centres, and schools as well as with the YWAM family of ministries, and other organizations and businesses for specific projects and events;

B. Consulting: gathering information and providing understanding of how new communication technologies can best serve training within the framework of the UofN values;

C. Training: describing the GENESIS concept through seminars, the GENESIS School and its Field Assignment;

D. Programme development: making the best teaching available to students in all nations and connecting them in worship, prayer and fellowship.Teachers from the developing world have an opportunity to extend the influence of their ministry and teaching content.

The development of teaching content and resource material will be encouraged, especially within the subject of discipling nations;

E. Technical: providing technical support for the setup and maintenance of the GENESIS equipment, researching, exploring and testing new technologies and their potential for serving the GENESIS concept.

Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => GEN 191 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117830 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => [coursecollegefaculty__c] => GENESIS Centre [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1600000FFWDZAA5 [coursedescription__c] => The GENESIS Seminar is designed to equip participants in the integration and application of GENESIS at a specific location. The seminar is an intensive two weeks of learning the vision, history and concept of GENESIS and how it serves to multiply U of N resources, building bridges to create a global classroom where a multitude of events can take place. Educational principles are integrated in the learning. Hands-on workshop style sessions will equip the participants to facilitate GENESIS in the schools they run, organize events and do required setup and operation of equipment. An emphasis on understanding trans-cultural dynamics together with team work is integrated to help facilitate the development of the U of N around the world.


[id] => 3494056 [coursename__c] => GENESIS Seminar [sfid] => a1S1i000007776hEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => 2 [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 6 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSNTMA3 [translations__c] => [] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => GEN 181 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4117905 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => [coursecollegefaculty__c] => GENESIS Centre [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1i0000030DaNAAU [coursedescription__c] => The idea of this seminar is to offer fundamentals and basic techniques of audiovisual for making videos (documentaries, institutional, Youtuber, Instagram and films), as well as concepts for the good use of digital platforms. Also how to apply this tool to communicate the values of the Kingdom of God in society. [id] => 3494181 [coursename__c] => Mobile Media Seminar [sfid] => a1S1i000007777uEAA [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 12 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSNTMA3 [translations__c] => [] ) Array ( [coursetype__c] => FLW Seminar [courseprerequisites__c] => [calculatedcoursenumber__c] => GEN 192 [phase__c] => Lecture [name] => CT-4118128 [corecoursetype__c] => [relatedlectureoutreach__c] => [coursecollegefaculty__c] => GENESIS Centre [coursetemplateid__c] => a0c1i00000309uiAAA [coursedescription__c] => This Course will equip school leaders and Staff in designing, planning and running online training programs. [id] => 3494324 [coursename__c] => Tecnologia Aplicada no Ensino Digital [sfid] => a1S1i00000777BVEAY [active__c] => t [coursecredits__c] => [coursecreditmin__c] => 1 [coursecreditmax__c] => 12 [credittype__c] => FLW [collegesandcentres__c] => a0JG000000YlSNTMA3 [translations__c] => [] )
Course Credits Type Number
GENESIS Seminar 2 FLW Seminar GEN 191
Mobile Media Seminar FLW Seminar GEN 181
Tecnologia Aplicada no Ensino Digital FLW Seminar GEN 192

The UofN uses two types of credits, FLW (full learning weeks) and LCU (learning component units).

FLW credits are used with traditional residential courses and one of these credits requires a minimum of 50 hours of documented learning activities; these include our normal lectures, small groups, one-on-ones, etc.; and some of these activities are nonformal, in addition to the classroom activities and study assignments.

LCU credits are used for part-time programs like evening courses, intensive seminars, distance learning and other non-residential courses. Each LCU credit requires 25 hours of focused learning activities which can be spread over a period of time.

Centre Director

Adriano Estevam

Contact Details

The GENESIS Centre
Lugna Gatan 1
784 67 Borlange

+46 243 21 55 53
+41 78 922 2338

Website Email

International Committee

  • Brett Curtis (Kailua-Kona, HI USA)
  • Pamela de Souza (Pune, India)
  • Luzanne Esmeraldo (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Mike Stevens (Dalarna, Sweden)
  • Chong Ho Won (Kailua- Kona, HI USA)