The Core Curriculum is recommended for all students, but is required for all Bachelor’s degrees, and one of the three approved courses that meet the Core Curriculum requirements are required for some Associate’s degrees. For the Master’s degrees, previous study of the Bible at the university level, equivalent to the undergraduate Bible Core Curriculum, is required. The Core Curriculum has three requirements as described below.

  • The Applied Christian Thinking (ACT) requirement (12 credits) enables a student to develop a biblical understanding of worldviews, history, human institutions, culture, science, and the arts. Critical thinking skills are applied to current issues with a view to action.
  • The Bible requirement (12 credits) enables a student to understand the message of the Bible and develop skills for a lifetime of Bible reading, memorization, meditation and study, and to apply the Scriptures through further study, worship, prayer and obedience.
  • The Communication requirement (12 credits) enables a student to gain a biblical basis for communication, together with the basic skills of reading, researching, writing, and public speaking. It brings direct experience in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and cross-cultural communication, including the use of various media to communicate the message to a variety of audiences.

These approved courses that meet the Core Curriculum requirements reflect the foundations of the UofN, preparing students to engage with culture and society with the message of God’s Word and its application to all of life. Students are also prepared with tools for lifelong learning and development.

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