The goal of the centre is to facilitate growth in followers of Jesus so that they are rooted in the love of God, established in a community of faith, and drawing on Holy Spirit to love and responsibly serve God and others for the sake of the whole world, as Jesus did.

The Centre for Christian Formation and Discipleship is distinct from the IDTS Centre in that, while the IDTSC is specifically focused on serving the DTS, we will serve audiences both in and outside the mission.  In addition, the Centre for Christian Formation will support the efforts of the IDTSC with further equipping and resources.

The Centre will produce educational initiatives (seminars, courses and degree tracks) that integrate theories and content from each of the following categories in the development and application of effective models of Christian formation:

  1. The nature, character and work of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and His purposes for people and all creation
  2. The Biblical narrative, the Gospel, and God’s provision for redeeming people and all creation
  3. How people grow and learn (identity & character formation, human development and adult learning)
  4. How to facilitate the Christian formation of communities and people through classic Christian practices
  5. Christian vocation or God’s calling

Maureen Menard

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