Grades Used in All Post-DTS Schools (YWAM-DTS)
Each grade is worth a certain number of grade points:

Grade Description Grade Points
A Excellent 5
B Good 4
C Satisfactory 3
D Borderline 2
F Failing 1

Passing Grades: “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D” signify various levels of achievement for each completed course. “A” signifies excellent academic achievement. At the low end, “D,” is indicative of meeting only the most minimal expectations, and is on the border of failing. (Only one “D” in a 12-credit course is allowed in an undergraduate UofN degree.)

Failing Grade: “F” is indicative of unsatisfactory work, usually reflecting that less than 60% of the material has been adequately mastered. Credit for a course failed (“F”) may be obtained only by satisfactorily repeating the course.