Satisfactory completion of one “full learning week” of appropriate university-level education/training will earn one credit in the UofN. Therefore a 12-week course is granted 12 credits. A shorter course will receive credits in keeping with the number of “full learning weeks” in the course. The normal nine-month academic year is therefore 36 credits. Credit for a full learning week of a seminar and a course cannot be obtained simultaneously. In the UofN, a “full learning week” represents at least 50 hours of appropriate university level classes, learning activities and study per week. A full 12-credit UofN modular course is equivalent to twelve “semester-equivalent” or sixteen “quarter-equivalent” credits in the USA’s university systems.

An official student record (or transcript) will be issued by the UofN Provost Office upon the completion of a Transcript Request Form and payment of a fee. The UofN reserves the right to deny a transcript to any student who has not cleared his or her financial account. Transcripts will indicate the current academic standing of the student except for non-registered courses and transfer credits, which can only be posted upon completion of all other UofN degree requirements.