The degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) will be granted to any student who has registered for a Bachelor’s degree on a “BA/BS Degree Programme Planning Form,” which has been fully approved, and who has satisfied the following requirements:

  • Discipleship Training School prerequisite
  • Cross-cultural requirement
  • Core Curriculum requirement (36 credits met by successfully completing Bible, Communication, Applied Christian Thinking courses (see Core Curriculum section under Academic Requirements for Degrees)
  • Secondary (High) School graduation or equivalent requirement
  • Language Proficiency
  • 24 – 36 Field Assignment/Practicum/Internship credits
  • No more than 24 Directed Studies credits
  • A maximum of 72 General Transfer credits. UofN Extension Studies credits are considered transfer credit.
  • Thesis: a thesis is generally not required for a BA/BS candidate unless the student is transferring more than 12 credits, or a specific degree requires it. Not more than 12 credits are granted for a BA/BS thesis
  • Satisfactory completion of all required courses for the particular degree programme, including pre-approved electives
  • Total of 144 credits including DTS and Field Assignment
  • A “UofN Application for Graduation Form” filed six months before the anticipated conclusion of the degree programme
  • Satisfactory clearance of financial accounts of all UofN schools and seminars.

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