The University of the Nations takes a global, cross-cultural, and flexible training approach. Approximately 17,500 students a year take one or more registered courses in over 97 languages at more than 600 locations on all continents. Our training combines elements of both formal and non-formal education, with a commitment to worshiping God in spirit and truth, making room for that expression in all that we do.

Universities first began as ministries of the Church, training leaders for the Church and society. In a similar way, the UofN seeks to train leaders from around the world who are called to the nations, whether they serve in the domain of the Church or in other domains of society. Whatever the context, the common goal of obedience to Christ’s commission to go and make disciples of all nations is the prime motivating factor in developing training in the form of seminars, courses, and conferences. Some of the key strategies employed towards reaching that goal are described below.