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School of Biblical Christian Worldview

A historical look at the prevailing philosophies and ideologies that lie beneath the social and political issues of present day societies. It encourages students to become responsible Christians in society, and to exercise positive influence wherever they work and serve. Students delve into topics such as the meaning and components of a worldview and how to apply biblical Christian thinking to contemporary issues. Each student is required to write a paper under the guidance of an advisor. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Applied Christian Thinking.

Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 12
Date Location Languages
04/06/2014 GERMANY/Jugend Mit Einer Mission - Hurlach Ger,Eng
06/20/2014 USA/Youth With A Mission Orlando Eng
07/06/2014 SWITZERLAND/Youth with a Mission Wiler Eng,Ger
04/07/2015 NORWAY/Ungdom i Oppdrag Borgen Eng,Norw
TBA ROMANIA/Youth With A Mission Medias Rom, Eng
TBA ROMANIA/Tineri Pentru Misiune Iasi Rom,Eng
TBA RUSSIA/Youth With A Mission Perm Russia Rus,Eng
TBA FRANCE/Jeunesse En Mission Eng,Fre
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