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CHR 293
School of Youth Ministry Internship

During the internship students will be given a greater level of responsibility and involvement as they develop their leadership and planning skills. They will continue to function as part of a youth ministry team, often taking responsibility for the planning and implementation of ministry opportunities, and the leading of others. There will be a combination of local and cross-cultural venues. The completion of a plan for the establishment of a new ministry in a new location is a key component of this phase. Each student will work individually to research the context in which the ministry will be established, develop suitable and innovative approaches and map out the development of that ministry. This development plan will be for the specific location in which the intern is working.

Prerequisites: CHR 291 & CHR 292
Credits: 12
Date Location Languages
TBA AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Perth Eng
Q1 = Jan-March | Q2 = April-June | Q3 = July-Sept. | Q4 = Oct.-Dec. | TBA = to be announced