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CHR 231
School of Evangelism

This course embraces both the message and the methods of evangelism. Its primary purpose is helping the student gain a deeper understanding of the character of God, including His love for the lost. Topics include: An overview of biblical and historical perspectives on missions, people group thinking, cross-cultural communication, pioneer missions, missions and the local Church, the message of the Gospel, revival, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, ministering in the Spirit, personal renewal, spiritual warfare, and evangelism. Note: College of Christian Ministries degree students will not be awarded credit for this course until both the lecture and field assignments are satisfactorily completed.

Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 12
Date Location Languages
03/29/2014 FRANCE/Jeunesse en Mission LYON Fre
04/07/2014 NIGERIA/Youth With A Mission Eng
05/12/2014 AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Whitsunday Eng
09/25/2014 USA/Youth With A Mission Orlando Eng
TBA AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Perth Eng
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Maui Eng,Man
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Tyler Eng
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Eng
TBA MALI/Jeunesse En Mission Fre
TBA PHILIPPINES/Youth With A Mission Antipolo Training Center (ATC) Eng, Tag
TBA /Youth With A Mission Trichy Eng
TBA NORWAY/Ungdom i Oppdrag Skien Eng,Nor
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