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CHR 115
SBS New Testament Completion Seminar

A seminar identical to the first 3-4 weeks of CHR 315. It is intended for those who desire to finish the inductive study of the New Testament after completing , the first quarter of the School of Biblical Studies. Credit may not be received for both the CHR 115 seminar and CHR 315.

Prerequisites: CHR 213
Credits: 3 to 4
Date Location Languages
04/13/2014 SWITZERLAND/Youth with a Mission Wiler Eng,Ger
04/13/2014 RUSSIA/Youth With A Mission Rostov-on-Don Rus,Eng
05/24/2014 SINGAPORE/Youth With A Mission Training Centre Eng
01/25/2015 USA/Youth With A Mission Ozarks Eng
TBA THAILAND/Youth With A Mission Thai
TBA TANZANIA/Youth With A Mission, Arusha Eng
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