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CHR 305
Advanced Leadership Seminar

Recognizing that leaders are trained through a variety of activities and learning experiences, learning strategies include one-to-one meetings, group sessions, creative intercession, panel discussions, question times, and lectures. Some of the seminars offered in this category are:

Leadership Development - This seminar is designed for the experienced YWAM leader who is in need of refreshment, renewal and/or is at a transitional time in their leadership experience. Topics include: identity in Christ, clarity of calling and gifts, stages and models of leadership development, leadership style, strategic planning, conflict resolution, team dynamics, and spiritual, practical and servant leadership. A minimum of five years of missions leadership is required.

Slingshot - This leadership seminar is designed so that 18-30 year-old YWAM leaders can embrace the calling, vision and values of the mission. It is often offered in conjunction with key YWAM events, giving students the opportunity to mingle with and learn from seasoned YWAM leaders. Topics include; understanding spiritual leadership, and strengthening godly character and integrity.

YWAM DNA - This seminar is usually 1-2 weeks long and focuses on giving both new and experienced YWAM leadersand staff the history, values, purpose and unique family characteristics of YWAM, hence the name YWAM DNA. Taught by senior YWAM leaders, often through a storytelling approach.

LTS - These seminars may be offered in conjunction with the Leadership Training School (CHR 345/LTS) or as standalone seminars apart from an LTS. They are usually 3-6 weeks in length, and deal with many practical leadership and management issues while also training leaders to plan for and carry out the visions from inception to completion.Prerequisite for all seminars: missions leadership experience and consent of seminar leader

Credits: 1 to 6
Date Location Languages
04/20/2014 SPAIN/YWAM Europe Field Office Eng
06/22/2014 AUSTRALIA/YWAM Townsville Eng
02/22/2015 AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Perth Eng
TBA AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Eng
TBA SWITZERLAND/Youth With A Mission Burtigny-Geneva Eng
TBA TANZANIA/Youth With A Mission Mwandege/Dar Eng
TBA NEPAL/Kathmandu Center Eng,Nep
TBA INDIA/YWAM King's Way Eng,Hin
TBA SOUTH AFRICA/Youth With A Mission Muizenberg Eng
TBA THAILAND/Youth With A Mission Eng
TBA NORWAY/Ungdom i Oppdrag Eng
TBA BANGLADESH/YWAM Bangaldesh / Dhaka City Office Ben,Eng
TBA COLOMBIA/Juventud Con Una Misión Spa,Eng
TBA ZAMBIA/Youth With A Mission Livingstone Eng
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