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CHR 343
Advanced Leadership School

Two primary Advanced Leadership Schools have similar goals of giving practical training for leaders with some experience in a YWAM leadership context.

Leadership Training School - The Leadership Training School (LTS) is designed to equip YWAM leaders in the areas of spiritual leadership, organization and management, and communication. It is international both in its student composition and its school staff and speakers. The LTS incorporates a variety of learning contexts. Hands-on workshops enable students to acquire practical skills, and learning groups provide a setting in which to interact, integrate and apply classroom content. Corporate discussions and panels encourage a creative atmosphere for developing innovative concepts and programs. As a final report, each student develops a plan to implement his or her vision for a new mission project. Note: The Advanced Leadership Seminars (CHR 305) are segments of the LTS; therefore, students who take the LTS will not be awarded credit for these seminars, except as part of their LTS credits. Prerequisite: missions leadership experience and consent of school leader.

School of Pioneer Leadership Development - Level 2This course is a continuation of CHR 241 and 242, and emphasizes the project that the leader will develop as an application of Phase 1, with mentoring from experienced YWAM leaders. The course is ideal for young leaders who have demonstrated they have acquired the values of YWAM and who now need time and opportunity to pray and planmore, with guidance and support from leaders who can coach them through this process. Further mentoring will be available if needed as the leader commences the project, providing the much needed support in the pioneering stage of a new ministry.

Prerequisites: CHR 241/242 (SPLD) or recommendation of a school leader
Credits: 12
Date Location Languages
TBA SAMOA/Youth With A Mission Samoa Base Eng,Sam
TBA AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Perth Eng
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