Prequisites: DSP 211 & 212
Credits: 11 - 12

Primary Health Care training reaches 80% of the world’s health needs through both preventive and curative training, including basic clinical skills to treat the most common health issues and causes of death. Students are equipped to train and teach in primary health education. Curriculum is based on the eight essential keys for the health of communities: food and nutrition, health education, disease, water and sanitation, clinical care, maternal  and children’s health, essential drugs and community resources. The Primary Health Care School gives a biblical approach to health for the poor and needy; it equips students to function as a primary health care worker in developing and less resourced areas.


Upcoming Dates

Course Location Credits Start
CNH 261 YWAM Ships Kona 12 06 Jul 2017 24 Sep 2017
CNH 261 YWAM Townsville 12 16 Jul 2017 07 Oct 2017
CNH 261 YWAM Ships Kona 12 04 Jan 2018 30 Mar 2018
CNH 261 YWAM Perth 12 07 Jan 2018 31 Mar 2018
CNH 261 YWAM Ships Kona 12 05 Jul 2018 28 Sep 2018