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Small Action - Big Vision

Small Action - Big Vision

Youth With A Mission Heidebeek, a training centre from the Netherlands, recently welcomed home a team of ophthalmologists after a 4 week outreach in South Africa. During this period the team, known as "Eye Wave" provided prescription glasses to 1150 patients in and around one of the poorest areas of Durban.

The team focused their mission on children. Team leader, Miranda Tollenaar reports, "Why glasses and why children? Because glasses can prevent accidents, improve the eduction and the employment & salary prospects of children when they grow up."

Miranda continues, "Not only were we able to make a difference in the lives of the patients we served, they also left a deep impression on our team. We can't and won't forget them - the children, the taxi driver for whom clear sight was very significant and the man who told us, after receiving a pair of reading glasses, that he can finally read his Bible again."

The project slogan, "a small act can make a big impact" proved correct. With that in mind, YWAM Heidebeek has committed to return to the area and continue the "Eye Wave" project and give help to children with poor vision in South Africa.

For more information on how you can be a part of this project, please contact YWAM Heidebeek at : www.ywamheidebeek.org <http://www.ywamheidebeek.org>

This picture of Angel, wearing her glasses in school, is taken by Ray Samson.