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Save, Revive, Train

Save, Revive, Train

From June until August, an international leadership team will be hosting the “Circuit Riders” seminars across the States and England. This seminar is open to all whether or not they have done a DTS.


The original “Circuit Riders” were a band of believers committed to carrying the message of Christ to the most remote locations in America during the first Great Awakening. The YWAM Circuit Riders Seminar echoes the calling of those early frontiersmen.


The British seminar is being hosted by YWAM Harpenden. It will be followed by a two to three week outreach working with Forever, the YWAM ministry co-ordinating YWAM’s 2012 Olympic outreach. The American events will be held in Orlando, Los Angels, Denver and Kansas City


I recommend it whole-heartedly and would encourage staff and leaders from all over Europe to bring young people for a life-changing encounter with GOD.


Lynn Green


For more information got to: www.circuitrider.com