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Application for Admission
Requests for application forms should be sent to the specific U of N location where the student desires to enroll in a particular school. (See the course listings in the Faculties and Centres section for addresses.) Application requirements and processes will vary from one location to another. Generally speaking, completed applications, including registration fees, confidential references, and financial and health information, should be received at the school location no later than two to three months prior to the start of the school. In addition, all students applying for enrollment to courses outside their country of citizenship must also comply with all the immigration and visa regulations of the host nation. In order to determine eligibility for admission to a U of N course and student visa status, students are requested to submit complete and accurate information regarding their sources of financial support.

Prospective students should not depart for the school location until all formalities relating to admission and acceptance have been completed and/or specific permission is obtained from the school leader.