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The University of the Nations is a global network with hundreds of local expressions. With all the exciting variety of culture, language and learning style, there are common academic goals and standards embraced by every leader in the university. Schools and seminars occupy students full time, and each full week of learning earns one unit of credit. Students often take time out to do courses while actively working in a ministry, and then return to that ministry afterwards. Others decide to complete a full degree in two to four years, travelling to different locations to take courses one by one until the degree requirements are met. Clear goals for success are presented in the courses, and students know how well they have done by the evaluation of their efforts. But how does a global university ensure high standards? Most local universities are monitored by a government department or by a local independent accrediting agency. U of N courses or degrees are accepted by many universities around the world, but the U of N has not applied for accreditation in any one nation’s system. Just as the U of N is committed to the success and well-being of each student, so the student has responsibilities to the university in choosing their academic path and being a person of integrity. This is a community living and learning together with the world as its classroom!