The Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost

The University of the Nations follows the organization of many universities, in which the President is responsible for giving overall direction, leading the institution into the future and relating to governments, alumni, the Board of Regents, and friends.

The Provost then has more of a CEO role, making sure the University is functioning in a coordinated fashion and is meeting its commitments to students, faculty, and staff. See the article on the role of the Provost in a developing university:

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The Provost provides executive leadership of the Academic Affairs of the University of the Nations, which includes numerous areas: oversight of the Deans and Centre Directors, internal communication, academic policy, course registration and approval, staff training and development, research policies and targets, the International Records system including degree students and diplomas, and educational planning. The Provost is the Academic Vice President and therefore part of Team4, the executive leadership body made up of the President and three Vice Presidents of the University of the Nations.They are accountable to the Board of Regents. (Since the University of the Nations is decentralized into 580 mini-campuses in 160 nations, admissions, course administration and most finances are handled at the level of the local campus.)

Because of the vast scope of this job, the Provost must select qualified people to give leadership to specific areas. Thus, the Provost Team includes several Assistant Provosts who have responsibility for areas such as the Records System, internal communication, research, course registration and approval, and academic policies.

Tom Bloomer

Dr. Tom Bloomer Ph.D.

Tom Bloomer studied archaeology at the University of Illinois (B.A. 1972), and worked as a house painter, French translator and ladies' shoe salesman before marrying Cynthia. In 1983 they responded to a call from Loren Cunningham and Howard Malmstadt to help develop the University of the Nations (UofN). A Master's degree in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton (1987) and years of experience in cross-cultural education proved invaluable as Tom helped coordinate, refine, and improve the different courses developing through the UofN. Tom completed a Ph.D. in Education Science at Trinity International University in 1999. He has served as the International Provost of the UofN since 2001. Tom lives at one of the UofN’s mini-campuses in French-speaking Switzerland, and is committed to teaching and mentoring students and staff.

Camille Bishop

Dr. Camille Bishop Ph.D.

Camille Bishop is a missionary educator who joined YWAM in 1987 and has worked specifically with the University of the Nations since 1991. She worked in teacher training in Albania after that nation opened up, then served as the Associate International Dean for the Faculty of Education for 10 years. She currently serves on the Provost Team for the University of the Nations. In this capacity, Camille teaches in many U of N courses, and assists with staff training and administrative projects. In 2008, she published a book on leadership transition based on her research for her Ph.D. dissertation in Education Science. The book is entitled, We’re in This Boat Together: Leadership Succession Between the Generations. Her calling to the nations has taken her to 70 nations of the world.

Derek Chignell

Dr. Derek Chignell Ph.D.

Derek Chignell has assisted with the development of the University of the Nations since 1984, and became a full time staff member in 2002. A biochemist with research interests in proteins and nucleic acids, he taught at Wheaton College, Illinois, USA for 25 years. He has worked in the UofN’s Faculty of Science and Technology, and in recent years has been directing the Water for Life Institute, which assists communities around the world in finding answers to their water needs. From 2004 to 2010, every three years Derek led a team which produced the U of N catalogue. He continues to serve on that team, having turned over the mantle of leadership to John Henry. Derek has been a member of the Provost Team since 2004 working on curriculum. He teaches in schools and seminars around the world, with particular emphasis on water purification, and the interaction of science and faith.

John Henry

John T. Henry

John heads a team to produce the U of N catalogue issued every three years and updated every 6 months. He has been a member of the U of N Leadership as founder and former director of the Student Mobilization Centre since 1995. Since 1989, John has directed the Field Ministry Internships program, developing essentials for spiritual formation and leadership emergence. He has mobilized seventy-five student internship projects from over 100 colleges and universities in nine countries to serve and learn alongside long-term field projects on short-term internships in over thirty countries. In recent years John has been developing Converge, which assists communities around the world in finding qualified interns for various development projects. John and his wife, Mary, have three children, two boys, and one girl adopted from China.

Patti Lee

Patti Lee

Patti worked as a surgical technician before her 33 years of field experience on four continents in inter-cultural communications, leadership training/development, policy development, and resource development. In 1991 Patti pioneered the University of the Nation’s Centre for Discipleship Training along with YWAM’s Co-founder, Darlene Cunningham, and continues to serve as the International Assistant Director of the DTS Centre to date. She began serving in the capacity of Assistant Provost in the UofN in 1996 with a particular focus on policy and procedure development. Three years later she and David Hamilton created the ‘UofN Reference Guide’, a written resource and training tool which serves to point UofN School Leaders/Staff to the reference points of the foundational vision, values, principles, guidelines, policies and procedures of the University of the Nations. In 2006 Patti also began to give leadership oversight to the UofN’s International Registrars, taking on the responsibility of the worldwide Records system of the UofN. She continues to serve the UofN in each of these roles today and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hans Sandtorp

Hans Sandtorp

Hans Sandtorp serves as the Executive Administrator for the Office of the International Provost. He served at the Grimerud training centre in Norway as chef, base administrator, and project leader, and was the centre director from 2000-2006. Hans organizes and helps to lead programs, conferences and events where University leaders, faculty and staff can be equipped for their area of service.